Friday, 15 March 2013

My Creation Station - Natalie!

 How long have I been Crafting?
Ever since I was a child I have always enjoyed art. I was always painting and up until my teenage years I was completely into paints, particularly watercolours! Even when I was a toddler I was matching colours that worked well together according to my parents! My mother had tried Stamping a few years before I came along so I remember she would occasionally let me play with her Stamps and inks that eventually become mine as she never really got into it.
A few years later my parents bought me a Card Making Kit for Christmas but I never actually opened it up until a few years after getting it! As soon I had finished with the kit however I was hooked and it will be 6 years this year that I have been Card Making for.
In the past year I have started experimenting with the more grungy Tim Holtz style of crafting and Altered Art, but Card Making will always be my main love.

What is my favourite J&C Creations Product?
It's quite tricky for me to pick just one thing as I love all different styles of Crafting. When I first started out Penny Blacks were the first Rubber Stamps I got into so they would have to be up there along with any Tim Holtz Product!

What is my Favourite Topic?
Well obviously I would have to say anything that includes Card Making but also the 12 Tags of 2013 that I have been sharing with you all, they are a joy to make so creating Tags are definitely my second favourite thing to create!

What was the first Craft Product I bought and why?
From what I can remember it would be a Penny Black Stamp to go with the stamps my Mother gave me called 'Buzz In the Air'. Alongside that is was DOCRAFTS Products to get me going more with the Card Making.

What inspires my projects, how do I start them off?
Mostly my projects begin with a theme I have to follow as I am on a few Design Teams that require my creations to follow a certain theme. Once I know this I usually look for a Sketch challenge on a Challenge Blog that I can follow if I am working on a Card and go from there. Also any new Crafting Goodies I buy inspire me as I always can't wait to use them, which to be fair is quite often! lol

I hope you have enjoyed my Creation Station post, I apologise for the lateness of it but I wanted to wait until I had moved into my new home so that I would have something nice and new to share with you all!

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