Thursday, 14 March 2013

Thrifty Thursday - Bottling it up!

Hi Everyone
Sue Here

This week myself and Nat are masking to our hearts content!  My version of masking is through stencils.  I have to say I L-O-V-E stencil masks and try to incorporate them in most of my projects.

They are usually around £3.99 for one but there are many uses for them- just go onto You Tube and see.

Today I have made a bottle cover out of  a cover from a glossy brochure. I Used a template from the house of Zandra but you can always use a piece of A4 cardstock and your hougie board.

My cover has 6 sides. I then cut 6 smaller pieces of card to use as toppers on each side of the cover.   Firstly I painted each strip with an acrylic light blue paint.  Then used a circle mask and dashes mask to put distress ink on the strips. I then took a butterfly mask and inked vintage photo distress stains through with a piece of cut and dry foam,  I then glued them onto the cover with Cosmic Shimmer Glue.

I then punched a hole in either side of the wrap around cover and used ribbon to tie them together.

Hope you enjoy using your masks this week and really have a play with them ....Sue

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