Sunday, 2 February 2014

Fridays busy day

Hello to everyone,
Wow I needed this weekend to relax, after such a busy day on Friday although I still had to do some crafting.
I was on my own at the unit as the girls were at Exeter working equally as hard.
We had the ladies crafting in the morning and Lyn's workshop in the afternoon. Most of us had never beaded before so it took alot of Lyn's patience, but we all had a super time and went away with smashing bracelets. Can not wait for the next one.
Check out the workshops on the home page.

Happy crafting Julie x

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  1. Well what a fun workshop! Nearly spat my dummy out at the 1st pearl - 3 to the left 2 to the right cross your needles come back through.....etc etc. BUT I got there in the end, and was really pleased with the finished result. I would certainly give it another go. Thank you Lynne or your patience!! x