Sunday, 27 October 2013

Plaster Pumpkins

     Halloween is with us for half term so here's something that might keep the children happy and busy especially if the weather is bad.
     Silicon ice cube trays with novelty shapes are great moulds for plaster, UTEE, air dry clay and chocolate (not all at the same time though!). I wouldn't suggest UTEE for young children but clay or plaster is good. Jelly moulds are useful too but a bit bigger so take longer to dry out.
     I saw a great tutorial on Indigo Blu's blog by Clare Horner, link here, which gave me the idea to rummage through my kitchen drawers. Not finding all I had hoped for I went into town and made a tour of all the charity shops we have and to my great joy I found the very same mould she uses in the tutorial.
     The plaster I've used here is Gedeo Light Plaster from Pebeo, it takes about an hour to set hard on the smaller items but is best left overnight.      
     We haven't decorated them yet as you can see, that's a job for Monday or Tuesday as the weather forecast is grim. Pop back next week and we'll show you what the children have done with them.

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