Sunday, 20 October 2013

Autumn Leaf Press

Good morning.  This week I would like to show you another use for your die cut machine. There are lots of really gorgeous Autumn leaves around at the moment, colours that would look great on a card. It was while I was out shopping with a friend on Friday that I saw an amazing leaf pattern on the pavement, but I had no camera with me, so I have tried to replicate it on paper from memory.
I took a little stroll around the garden and collected leaves from an Acer, Virginia Creeper, Ornamental Raspberry and a very pretty weed (got lots of these!). Once back indoors I got out my Bigshot and put the full sandwich together which includes tabs one and two. Then I laid the leaves on to a piece of water colour card, put another piece on top and then put this in my sandwich to press.
I would suggest putting all the leaves the same way up as the top side gives a paler image than the underside, you will then have two images of varying intensity from the same pressing. I have made several pressings, some with spaced out leaves and others with a mass of leaves covering the whole card. This also works well with flowers but I'm a bit late for that now. 
Take all the leaves off the card and lay them on kitchen towel, put another towel on top, then lay the pressed card on top with another layer of towel and lastly a heavy book and leave over night to dry out. In the morning you will have some pretty pressed leaves to use and some gorgeous Autumn backing papers.
Next time you're walking the dog or dashing through the park to the post office grab a few leaves and try pressing them in your machine.
*Happy Pressing...Rocky*

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