Sunday, 22 September 2013

Tidy Motor

      This week I would like to show you something that could be made for a Christmas present. It's a chipboard desk tidy in the shape of a car that could be decorated for a man or a woman, it comes with full assembly instructions and is available from J&C Creations.
     I have painted all the inside panels with a deep red acrylic paint trying to mimic old leather upholstery.
     The base panels have been covered both sides with aluminium tape that I got from a local hardware shop, so has the engine bay.
      The boot is painted mat black and would look good with a few mini paper shopping bags sitting in it, handy places to put paperclips and drawing pins.
     The outside of the car has been covered with pages from an old road atlas and just in case you don't know where J&C Creations are I've put a little arrow on the map for you. I have gone around the edges of the map panels with a blue inkpad.
     The bumpers are a small length of card covered with aluminium tape and fixed in place on foam pads. They both have small black number plates in the middle and small gems stuck on as lights. I didn't have any yellow gems so I have used alcohol markers to colour clear gems.
     Depending on how you decorate this kit it could be an old car, a hotrod for the boy racer or a gorgeous pink flower power car for the girl about town, let your imagination run free and see what you come up with.
Happy Crafting

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