Monday, 26 August 2013

Bank Holiday Glitter Craft Storage Inspiration

As we near the end of a bank holiday weekend I thought I would bring you a little storage inspiration for your craft rooms. 
Everybody loves a bit of glitter...
But how do you store glitter without getting yourself, your house covered in it. I have found some amazing glitter storage inspriration for everyone, from those with very little storage to those of us fortunate to have a stunning space we can call our own.
Upcycled Glitter Storage Boxes - Turn clear plastic storage boxes into a glitter-dream. 
These storage boxes are great, they are cheap to pick up and are great for storing all those little bits and pieces....
Craft Storage~Possibly a great way to manage craft sand and glitter 
Salt and pepper or spice shakers make great glitter storage as the glitter is always confined and the top allows you to get an even sprinkle of glitz on your work.
i LOVE this. via oh so pretty blog. 
This storage is great to brighten up your craft room walls. The air tight containers are great for all kinds of craft storage from glitter, ribbons to buttons. These airtight containers are available for a great price from ikea and are available in all shapes and sizes.
I love how Maureen at Victorian Studios stores her glitter! 
I saved the best for last....
This is what every true crafter dreams of having in their craftroom. This is an amzing example of how to show off all your beautiful craft products to their best.


  1. Amazing glitter storage.I am drooling over them all.So beautiful.Hugs x

  2. Looks like a display from an old fashioned perfume shop.Absolutely fabulous. x