Sunday, 24 February 2013

Chinese Lantern Festival - 24th February


 24th February this year is the Chinese Lantern Festival, this marks the end of two weeks New Year celebrations.
  Traditionally children carry lanterns to ancient temples and try to solve the riddles written on the other lanterns already there.
  This one is not in the traditional style but it is a lantern that could be made and used for any number of occasions. It is based on a bird box pattern that I found in a magazine. It contains a battery operated tea light....


 I have cut the box shape from a sheet of vellum that has a bamboo pattern printed on it, I have then added some oriental style words in red using a Brilliance ink pad - Rocket Red.
  There are some holes punched in the top of the lantern to let what little heat a battery candle may generate out and a small gold cord loop to hang it by.
  This could be used for parties, weddings or any other type of celebration because you can stamp on vellum in white ink making them fit the occasion.
  Battery tea lights give off quite a bit of light so a small string of them would be very effective and safe.
  With the exception of the tea light all materials can be found at J&C Creations.

Here's wishing you all a Happy Year of the Snake.....Rocky

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