Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My Creation Station - Nat B

Ok, as requested here is a bit of blurb about how I like to craft, I hope it's not too waffly! Firstly here is a picture of where I craft. Like many people I started off at the dining room table, progressing to a corner in our garage which had been converted into a play room (I had to be careful what I left lying around - I'm not talking about dangerous items like scissors, I'm talking about my cards getting their corners chewed!!). Finally, when we moved 2 years ago, we had the loft converted & my husband has half for an office & I am so lucky to have the other half.

Name: Natalie Baker

Q: How long have you been crafting? 
A: For as long as I can remember, but I've been into card making in a serious way for the last 8 years.

Q: What is your favourite J & C product?
A: That's a hard one, as I have many favourites, but if pushed, I'd have to choose Penny Black stamps, especially the hedgehogs!

Q: What is your favourite topic?
A: Again, so many to choose from! But I really love making 'cute' cards.

Q: What was the first craft product you bought & why?
A: I actually started off with cross stitching many moons ago & cannot remember what the first thing was that I bought. However I can remember the first papercraft item I bought. I'd joined a club magazine & had to buy at least 1 product per month & had got to the point of being knee deep in cross stitch kits which I wasn't sure I'd ever get around to doing! So I bought 4 mini card making books including one on 'lacĂ©' & one on 'spirelli'  & the rest as they say is history! Needless to say the cross stitch kits are all in a box under my craft table!

Q: What inspires your projects, how do you start them off?
A: I'd love to be able to have a really deep, artistic answer for this one, but the truth is I'm really not sure! I do enter card challenges in 'Blogland' & they usually have a theme, so that's always a good starting point. If I'm making a card for a friend or family, I think about their favourite things & go from there.


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