Friday, 7 December 2012

FRIDAY MASTER CLASS - Magic Shutter Card Tutorial

At long last I have managed to complete the Magic Shutter Card Tutorial as promised,  I am sorry this post so late went shopping first thing this morning and got stuck in Canterbury there was an accident on one of the approach roads to the city and the whole area became gridlocked. This style of card was designed by a very clever friend Pam Leng, she designed it for an A4 gate fold and I have adapted it for a square card,  Right lets get started on this tutorial. 


You will need:
White Card
Red Card
12 x 12 inch Backing Paper
Sentiment Stamp,
Circular Sentiment Stamp
Red Self Adhesive Rhinestones
Embellishments of our choice)
Spellbinders Scalloped Circle Die
Extra Strong Double Sided Tape
Scoring Board
Sissors/Craft Knife


White Card cut and scored as follow:
1 x 30cm x 15cm scored at 7.1/2cm each end (as picture above),
1 x 23cm x 10cm scored at 1.1/2cm each end (as above)
1 x  10cm x 15cm


Red Card cut to:

4 pieces 6.1/2cm x 14.1/2cm
1 x 9.1/2cm x 14.1/2cm
1x 14.1/2cm square
1 x 19.1/2” x 9cm


Backing Paper cut to:
4 x 6cm x 14cm
1 x 9cm x 14cm
1x 14cm square
1x 19cm x 9cm

jctut4  jctut5

Mat up your backing paper onto red card as shown and adhere to inside and outside of largest piece of White card

jctut7   jctut8

Cut a Spellbinder Scalloped Circle from the middle of the 9.1/2cm x 14.1/2” matted card, I run mine through the Cuttle Bug and it cut through all 3 layers perfectly.  Attach a strip of extra strong double sided tape to the top and bottom of the card on the wrong side as shown above.


Remove the backing from the tape at the top of the die cut piece and attach to the top of the inside centre square Do Not remove the red tape from the DST on the bottom of the card we will do that later.


Centre the sentiment under the scalloped circle and stick down,  do not stick down bottom of flap yet!!!!!


Mat up the 20cm  x 9.1/2 cm strip (leaving the 1.1/2cm ends clear)


Cut strip in half (as above).  Mark 2” down from Top and 2” in from Edge as sown and draw a line from each corner to meet at the 2” centre,  use this piece as a template for the other piece


Cut out both triangles as above.


Line up the strip so the middle of the triangle is in the middle of the scalloped circle , Adhere one side of the strip to one of the side panels of the card, as above, making sure you bring it out onto the side panel a short distance from the fold (if you adhere it on the fold line it will interfere with the mechanism and will not open properly).


Line up the remaining strip and following the above instructions adhere to the opposite  side panel.


Lift up the flap and arrange the two panels as above, over lapping at the front at the top and at the back at the bottom, study the picture to see what I mean (this step is important as it is the whole basis of the Shutter Mechanism).  Now you can tape down the flap to the bottom of the card.


This is how your card should now look.


I have used Crystal Wreath Penny Black Stamp embossed with Gold Wow Embossing Powder and added Red and Crystal Rhinestones and a few White Pearls on the front of the card.

Well I hope I have explained this simply if you have any queries just get in touch with me, We would love to see any Magic Shutter Cards you make using this tutorial.

Jacs xxx


  1. Wow! This is just beautiful!
    Debs x

  2. This is absolutely stunning and is definitely on my list of things to try. Thank you so much!!!

    Hugs Sue