Sunday, 2 March 2014

Spike The Taghog

     Say Hello to Spike the taghog. He's a very useful chap to have by your telephone as he'll hold on to any notes you tuck into his back.
     Spike began life as a very tired and worn out old paperback novel, he has been well read but sadly was no longer loved in his original form. Now he has a new lease of life and will soon have a new home too.
     The book was approximately 300 pages long which was plenty. You'll be amazed at how fat he gets as you fold all his pages in half, that's why I find a paperback is better for this project.
     If you search 'altered books'  you will get an amazing array of art, Spike is a real beginners item but he was fun to make. He has old buttons for his eyes and nose and a selection of medium size tags for his prickles.
     He could hold messages by your phone or on your desk, he could also be a very novel birthday book with twelve tags stamped with each month of the year for you to list all those important dates you need to make cards for.
     I hope you like him, have a go at making one. It's really very easy and a great fund raising way to use up old unwanted books and buttons, but you will need strong glue, greyboard and tags from J and C Creations.
Happy folding, Rocky.


  1. What a great idea Rocky well done, I don`t like to ask about his rear end but did you keep it flat. Julie.

    1. Yes Julie, he has a nice flat bum, just his front is shaped.

  2. What a fun make. Another idea to have a go at! Great question Julie......x

  3. I didn't see the bit about the "Dog Walker!! Anytime...she is so well behaved. Hope you have/had a great evening. x