Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Tuesday Group Activities

Good morning all.
       Wow what a busy but fun day we had yesterday, why ladies want to spend a couple of hours talking craft, playing, eating cake (made once again by Barbara), sharing ideas and drinking tea is beyond me (LOL) but we do. We also had new ladies joining us which made it a very full room, hence we will be adding onto our already busy schedule a Friday fun session, date to be arranged.
        Once the room was cleared we made way for Lisa B`s workshop, many of the morning ladies stayed, so we had lunch outside in this lovely warm weather we are still having.
         Making flowers using dies, punches with an assortment of different papers workshop was brill, you could cut the concentration with a paper cutter. We had lots of laughter when talking about spinning, twirling and inserting parts into different sizes of holes, (best not to go there) childish I know but so much fun.
       I am looking forward to next week, join us if you like.
                                          Happy Crafting Julie x


  1. Another great morning! I managed to fold an insert in 2 hours! How quickly the time goes by. We all have so much to share, show our work and ideas. What a lovely group of new friends. Headed by Julie and Janice who are always interested in what we " create" and willing to get in anything you want to order if they can. Tuesdays are always a day to look forward too.A bit crazy sometimes but fun. Come and find out for yourselves\1

  2. oops! the/1 above was meant to be " !! " x