Sunday, 4 August 2013

Trinket Box

     Good Morning, the sun is shinning and I'm off to do a show in Bury St.Edmunds today, so this is a quick post to show you a jewellery box I found in the charity shop a few weeks ago.
    The box was plain white inside and out so I have given it a make over with Alcohol Inks and felt.
     After all the sides were coloured I went round it with a cloth dabbed in Blending Solution to remove any ink from the metal areas, I only wanted to colour the white bits.
    Inside was a bit too tricky to colour so I have left it white but lined each layer with felt. It looks good and it makes a better base for my metal embellishments to lie on.
    I shall fill my box up with all the little trinkets I've found in charity shops and at boot sales that might be useful, it's going to be heavy!!!

Have a good day and see you again soon.

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