Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Saint Georges Day - April 23rd

Happy St.Georges Day!  
Saint George is the patron saint of England but he was actually a Greek. 
St.George became an officer in the Roman army but he was executed on April 23rd 303 for refusing to renounce his Christian faith. He was Canonized in 494 by Pope Gelasius 1.
Saint Georges flag was adopted by England in 1190 for the ships of the Crusades.
The Synod of Oxford in 1222 declared St.Georges Day a feast day in England.
In 1606 St.Georges Cross and St.Andrews Cross were joined together to make the Union Flag.

To make this card I used a Union Flag embossing folder and coloured the centre cross red, if you don't have an embossing folder just mark out a cross with masking tape or sticky notes and colour. The centre stamp is stamped and embossed in black, cut out and stuck on the flag. The knight is perhaps more from the crusades than the Roman army but it is what most of us think of when we hear 'Saint George'.
To balance the card I have added a small rosette made from a Union Flag paper chain with a Sizzix die and added a small red button in the middle. The flag is mounted on blue card to finish it off.
Have a Happy Crafting St.Georges Day!

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