Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My Creation Station - Rocky (Rushanne)

Here is my little corner of the dining / play room, it used to be the garage but who needs to keep the car dry, paper is much more important, right?

                                                          Name : Rocky (Rushanne)

How long have I been crafting ? : a long time as I began at an early age making peg dolls. I've tried many crafts, I love the challenge of learning something new. Crochet, cross stitch, origami and cutting and decorating goose eggs to name but a few. Papercraft is the one that really has me hooked though. Not just cards, you can make so many things with paper and card.

What is my favourite J&C Creations product ? : that's a hard one to answer as there are so many wonderful products in stock. If I have to choose one I think it would be Distress Inks, they are so versatile.

What is your favourite topic ? : I like nature, trees and grasses, I also like architecture, but I love transport. British steam engines, lorries and classic cars really appeal to me as do WWII aircraft and tractors, so masculine themes are right up my street!

What was the first craft product I ever bought ? : probably pipe cleaners from the tobacconist's for my peg dolls arms, Dad would help me drill the holes with an old hand drill from his tool box. 

What inspires my projects and how do I start them off ?: usually seeing the amazing creations others come up with and thinking 'I wonder if that would work with this' . Occasionally just seeing something like a stamp and knowing immediately what I want to do with it. Challenges are a good prompt, given just a few guidelines to start me off and the rest, as they say, is history. If I loose my crafting mojo I surf blogland, the amazing creativity out there never fails to spark me into action again.

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