Friday, 16 November 2012

Friday Master Class–Distress Ink Colouring Part 2

Good morning today we have the second part of the Distress Ink Colouring Tutorial, we will be colouring clothes today.  Before you start on colouring the clothes I recommend you check out Part one of this tutorial to find the Tools and Inks needed and also to pick up some really important pointers to get perfect results each time.  This is the link to the first post Distress Ink Colouring Part 1.

The method for colouring the dress is exactly the same as for the face and hair, so I am really just showing you where and how much ink to lay down.

Start with Iced Spruce DI lay down a thin line of colour around the edge of the dress as shown in photo 1, gently bring the colour out towards the middle of the dress, lay another thin layer of the same colour down on the opposite edge of the dress

Dress1      Dress 2   Dress3

once again using your barely wet brush bring the colour out into the middle,  now pick up a tiny amount of Iced Spruce with the thinnest brush and add some depth to give movement to the dress (see Picture 2 below)

      dress6  dress7

Now onto her trousers starting on the bottom band add Ice Spruce and blend out, add a very thin line of Antique Linen Ink under the bottom of the dress and along the sides of each leg and as before blend out .

dress8  dress9b  dress9b

Finally for this stage we colour the socks using Antique Linen and completing the steps as above.
dress10  dress11

There will be no Master Class next week as I am away until Sunday, but we will complete colouring the image (Bear, Butterfly's and Background) and also make a finished card on Friday 30th November don’t forget to pop back for that.

If you have any queries or would like something explained in a bit more detail please leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

Happy Crafting
Jacs xxx

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